Course #1

An Introduction to the Building Social Relationships Program

This introductory 6-hour course provides the conceptual framework for the Building Social Relationship program. The course lays the foundation for teaching social skills and activating social cognitive processing in students on the Autism Spectrum. The course utilizes audio lectures, podcasts and supplementary reading materials to facilitate student learning of course content. Participants will receive a Certificate of Proficiency upon completion of the course and after earning a passing score on the course proficiency exam.
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Course Goals

  • Goal 1: To enhance your knowledge of social skills and social cognitive processing in youth on the autism spectrum

  • Goal 2: To enhance your understanding of the importance of social skills on student outcomes

  • Goal 3: To increase your knowledge of the ingredients of effective social skills programming

  • Goal 4: To change the way you think about social skills programming

Organization of Course

  • Part 1: The Importance of Teaching Social Skills and its Impact on Important Life Outcomes

  • Part 2: An Overview of Common Social Skill Difficulties in Children on the Autism Spectrum

  • Part 3: The Conceptual Foundation of the Building Social Relationship Program

Instructional Strategies Used in the BSR On-Line Courses

Effective and Convenient Professional Development

  • Audio Lectures

    Each section of every course provides an audio lecture direct from Dr. Scott Bellini, the creator of the Building Social Relationships program.

  • Supporting Podcasts or Videos

    Every course includes supplemental podcasts and/or videos that provide a complimentary perspective on course content.

  • Supplementary Reading Materials

    Every course provides supplemental written materials (articles, book chapters, instructional forms, etc.) that directly support the content of the audio lectures.

An Effective and Systematic Social Skills Program

With Research Based Training Content and an Empirically Supported Conceptual Framework

...and perhaps most importantly, delivered with a fun and engaging instructional style that will make learning enjoyable and practical for participants!

Earn Documented Professional Development (PD) and Continuing Eduction (CE) Hours

Receive a Certificate of Proficiency and Course Badge Instantly upon Successful Completion of the Course

*Course #1 provides 6 hours of PD/CE Hours

Pricing Options for Course #1

Both Group and Individual Plans are Available

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